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Landmark Series Bass Amplification Sound Samples
Please note that all Landmark bass amps will achieve the same results
DI + Mike
(Left side is SansAmp XLR out; Right side is miked)
® Registered trademarks of their respective companies. Names of sound samples are intended for descriptive purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement or affiliation with the companies or artists named.


Two differently formatted channels deliver everything from warm classic tube tones to Sumo-sized distortion. This 3U, 600-watt rackmountable head features a fan-cooled chassis and is equally at home in a rack system or as a compact stand-alone
head. Its heavy gauge steel case is touring tough. With pro features like a +10dB gain switch to enhance low output pickups and drive active pickups harder, and aSansAmp XLR Direct Output, this amp will quake the bedrock live and in the studio.

Production suspended until further notice.



and accessories

SansAmp XLR Output works like a built-in direct box to deliver the true tone of the amp to the PA desk or studio board without compromising detail, warmth or responsiveness. The XLR is switchable from -20dB to 0dB.
Gain is a 10dB gain boost to set up the pre-amp for different pickups. For example, with lower output, passive pickups, you can have punchier sounds with Gain engaged. Conversely, with higher output, active pickups, you can have a cleaner sound with Gain disengaged.
Effects Loop.
Tuner Output - Independent buffered output provides a constant unaffected signal.
Neutrik Speakon Connectors.
These high-quality plugs securely lock to ensure maximum power transfer and provide foolproof connections.

1/4” speaker outputs provide an alternative connection for cabinets without Speakon connectors.
Rackmount Kit


Model Number:


Input Impedance: 1MOhm 
Nominal Input Level: -20dBu
Optimal Output Load: 4 Ohms 
Power Output: 600W
Effect Loop Input Impedance 1MOhm
Maximum Effect Loop Input* approx. -6dBu
Nominal Effect Loop Output Impedance 1KOhm
Nominal Effect Loop Output* approx. -10dBu
Nominal XLR Output* 0 to -20dBu
Maximum Power Consumption: 1KVA
AC Input Power: 100V, 117V, 230V, 240V
NOTE: AC power cannot be switched. See authorized dealer/distributor for voltage modification information. 

50/60 Hz 

Speaker NA.
Dimensions: 17”w x 5.25”h x 16”d

40 lbs

Note: With on-going product development and improvements, specifications and/or the cosmetic appearance of this unit may change without prior notice. Replacement parts are available, i.e., knobs, logo plate, handles, etc. For more information, please contact your authorized dealer or Tech 21.
* Measured using a -10dB 400Hz test signal with all amp controls flat, no Reverb or Boost. Actual levels will vary with your settings.

4x10 Cabinets
• 8-Ohm / 400 watts handling
• Cast-frame, custom designed speakers
• Chrome-plated steel grill
• Rear vented
• Neutrik Speakon® and 1/4” connectors
• Measures 24”w x 24”h x 16”d
• Weight: 70lbs

1x15 cab

1x15 Cabinets
• 8Ω / 300 watts handling
• Custom-designed 15-inch
Eminence Neodymium speaker
• Chrome-plated steel grill
• Rear vented
• Neutrik Speakon and 1/4” connectors
• Measures 24”w x 24”h x 16”d
• Weight: 70 lbs.


ARMD MIDI Converter

Controls footswitch functions of multi-channel Trademark and Landmark amplifier footswitch functions with any MIDI controller

amp covers

Black Vinyl Covers

Designed for the Landmark Series
coordinating speaker cabinets.

Speakon Cables
in 4-foot and 5-foot lengths.

┬ęTech 21 USA, Inc.