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Production suspended until further notice.



Vintage-style head is available
by custom order at no
additional charge.

Step up to the biggest and the baddest. Packing 300 watts of unfaltering SansAmp tone dare ye look directly into the eyes of the omnipotent Trademark 300 stack? Endowed with three fully independent channels in a traditional head format, our flagship model amplifier allows seamless switching between three of your favorite tones, from crystal clean to brutal crunch to searing lead. The active three-band EQ on each channel allows limitless tonal variations, putting you firmly in control of this beast. Available with a variety of cabinet options, the Trademark 300 is total tonal freedom with an arena-sized attitude.

The included high quality footswitch offers easy access to each channel, the Boost function, and individually engages each of the two Effects Loops. It is designed to utilize any length 1/4” instrument or speaker cable, which will carry power to the footswitch without the need for batteries. footswitch


and Accessories

300 Watts RMS, 4-Ohm minimum load.
Three independent Character switchable pre-amps.
Boost function for solos increases the post gain volume level up to 9dB without altering your tone.
SansAmp XLR Direct Out for stage and studio applications allows you to go direct to any mixing console.
Effect Loop 1 (series).
Effect Loop 2 (parallel) with Mix control to maintain signal integrity.

Buffered Tuner Output for a tuner-friendly signal that also provides a clean dry output capable of driving a second amp head.
Parallel speaker outputs should you want to use more than one cabinet.
High quality, high efficiency, low noise toroidal transformer.
Thermal and short-circuit protected outputs.


300-watt, 8-Ohm closed-back cabinet . Black grille with silver piping. 2 Eminence Tonker™ 1
2" speakers.

Choice of 4x12s:
320-watt, 8-Ohm closed-back cabinet with 4 Celestion® special-design 12” speakers. Available with black grille and silver piping or wheat grille and white piping in straight or slant front designs.


ARMD MIDI Converter

Controls footswitch functions of multi-channel Trademark and Landmark amplifier footswitch functions with any MIDI controller

amp covers

Black Vinyl Covers

Designed for the Trademark 300 head and speaker cabinets

Rackmount Kit
Available directly through Tech 21 for removable metal chassis: 19”L x 10”W x 3.5”H

Trademark 300 Clean

Rhythm Guitar:  Tyler Classic (strat type); single, single, single.
Using "Tweed" sample setting from owner's manual.
Lead Guitar:  Same guitar
Using "SRV" sample setting from owner's manual with a little more gain.

Trademark 300 Heavy
Rhythm Guitars:  Les Paul Classic
Using "Metallica" sample setting from owner's manual.
Lead Guitar:  Les Paul Classic
Using "California" sample setting from owner's manual.

Trademark 300 Mountain-style
Rhythm Guitar: Tyler Studio Elite; single, single, humbucker.
Using "British" sample setting from owner's manual.
Lead Guitar:  Same guitar
Using "British" sample setting from owner's manual with more gain.

The following equipment was used for all sound samples:
Mic Pre-amp:  Millennia Td-1
Microphone:  Shure SM-57
Cabinet: 1X12 closed back with Vintage 30 speaker.

All tracks written, performed and produced by Alex Garcia.

Note: Names of sample settings from the owner's manual are intended for descriptive purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement or affiliation with the companies or artists named.


Model Number
Input Impedance
Nominal Input Level*
Optimum Output Load
4 Ohms
Power Output
Effect Loop Input Impedance
Maximum Effect Loop Input*
approx. -6dBu
Effect Loop Output Impedance
Nominal Effect Loop Output*
approx. -10dBu
Nominal XLR Output*
0 to -10dBu
Maximum Power Consumption
AC Input Power (Factory Set)
110V, 117V, 230V, 240V
Cabinet Dimensions
25"l x 11.5"w x 9.5"h
*Measured using a -10dB 400Hz test signal with all amp controls flat, no Reverb or Boost.
Actual levels will vary with your settings.

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