Tech 21 Double Drive
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There is a good reason why many artists record and perform with several different amps running simultaneously. The best characteristics of each amp blend to create incredible and original tones. The Tech 21 Double Drive captures the lush, muscular power amp distortion of both Class A and Class A/B tube amps. Instead of just blending these tones, it feeds one into the other for massive ā€˜cascadingā€™ distortion and limitless tonal variation.

Sometimes more is more.


DRIVE A controls the amount of Class A power amp output stage distortion (like Vox AC30Ā®-style amp), rich in even harmonics. The amount of harmonics is dynamically controlled by the input level and their ratio by how hard you pick.

DRIVE A/B controls the amount of Class A/B power amp output stage distortion (like FenderĀ®/MarshallĀ®-style amps), rich in odd harmonics.

The signal path of Drive A runs into the signal path of Drive A/B. This results in an electronic multiplication, rather than addition, of the amount of distortion to achieve a cascading effect.