Tech 21 Landmark 60
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Built on the successful tones of the 100% analog SansAmp Bass Driver DI pedal, the Landmark 60 is a multi-tasking combo for stage and studio work. Featuring a 60-watt output, a 12” speaker and a scuff-proof cabinet, this little workhorse has a kick like a mule. A 12dB cut or boost from Active Bass and Treble controls coupled with a Presence control can find any sound in the spectrum. And the Drive control does exactly what it says — all the way to gargantuan crushing distortion. The Blend control allows you to mix your direct instrument signal with the SansAmp circuitry for a rich, complex sound. Whatever your style, it will benefit from the Landmark 60’s even bass response without harsh peaks or valleys. God of Thunder behavior, however, is the sole responsibility of the user.

Distortion and Overdrive?
Pro-league bass distortion is not something you would expect from an affordable, compact bass combo, but we like to be the exception to the rule here at Tech 21. Our SansAmp technology delivers Richter measured rumble without outboard effects, overblown rigs, or even high volume.


SansAmp XLR Output. On live gigs, you can plug directly into the P.A., and the audience will think you’ve got a mega-watt bass stack stashed backstage.

For recording, you can go direct into the board and get the same sound you hear coming out of the speaker right onto tape or disc.

In the studio, you can also employ different microphones and miking techniques for even more versatility.

Custom-designed 12-inch speaker, 8Ω/100 watts handling

Effect Loop.

Headphone Output.

1/4” Speaker Output.

Scuff-proof cabinet with chrome-plated steel grill.