Tech 21 Power Engine 400
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These instrument power amplifiers take the transparent Power Engine capabilities to large-venue capacity. Available as either the 300-watt @ 4-Ohm mono Power Engine 300 or the stereo Power Engine 400 producing 200 watts per side @ 8 Ohms, these heavy-duty modules will fit in a 2U rack space. The oversized power supply with a toroidal transformer delivers pneumatic punch with a natural transient response, while the tone is pure and uncolored. Each model is super-reliable with top-quality Toshiba power transistors and a heat-sensor equipped cooling fan.

Model Number:PW300


XLR Input Impedance:≥ 3.3KOhm≥ 3.3KOhm
1/4” Input Impedance:≥ 10KOhm≥ 10KOhm
Nominal Input Level:-10dBm-10dBm
Optimal Output Load:4 Ohms8 Ohms per side
RMS Continuous Power Output:300W RMS @ 4Ω min load
200W RMS @ 8Ω
150W RMS @ 16Ω
200W RMS @ 8Ω min/side
150W RMS @ 16Ω
XLR Output Levelsame as inputsame as input
AC Input Power (factory set):
100V, 117V, 230V, 240V
50/60 Hz
NOTE:  Each unit constructed for specific voltages. AC power cannot be switched.
Unit Dimensions:
17”w x 3.5”h x 10”d
Overall (with ears, feet and handles):
19”w x 3.8125”h x 11.5”d
Weight:22.3 lbs.

26.25 lbs

Note: With on-going product development and improvements, specifications and/or the cosmetic appearance of these units may change without prior notice. Replacement parts are available, i.e., knobs, logo plate, handles, etc. For more information, please contact your authorized dealer or Tech 21.


Front panel level control(s) with LED indicators for Signal and Clip.

XLR and 1/4” inputs.

XLR output(s) with Ground Lift.

Parallel Speaker Outputs.

Reliable and versatile for any sound reinforcement application.