Tech 21 PSA-1
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The rackmount PSA is a powerful combination of dazzling analog SansAmp tones, unlimited editing and dependable digital programmability. The result is a phenomenal pre-amp that can be mercilessly tweaked, while favorite sounds can be stored with the push of a button. Each of the expanded range of eight controls, including usefully defined parameters such as Buzz, Crunch and Punch, has 256 incremental steps for ultra-precise adjustments. Shipped with 49 factory presets and 49 user definable locations, the PSA packs a universe of tone in a single rack space.

Via Midi, you can load and off-load presets, map program locations and select Midi channels (including Omni Mode). Make remote changes via Midi (consider Tech 21’s own MIDI Mouse™) or optional momentary footswitch.

Supported by Mark of the Unicorn’s UNISYN and X-oR software. Other features include an effects loop, and dual 1/4” and XLR outputs for stereo processing. Either pair can be set at line or instrument level, and can be used simultaneously.