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Three Channels, 2×12, 120 watts.
The Trademark 120 stereo combo is designed for demanding musicians who need a tone for every tune and serious grunt from a compact amp. With 120 watts of rich stereo sound and twin 12ā€ speakers, the Trademark 120 offers three channels of club-filling tone. Each channel has its own Character section to select individual amplifier styles and a powerful Drive control to dial in just the right amount of growl. A powerful three-band active EQ offers a boost or cut of 12dB, while the finest AccutronicsĀ® reverb adds atmospheric shimmer. Session player, cover-band guitarist, or just unreasonably demanding about tone, the Trademark 120 is your total satisfaction in stereo.

Model Number
Input Impedance
Nominal Input Level*
Optimum Output Load
2x 8 Ohms
Power Output
2x 60W
Effect Loop Input Impedance
Maximum Effect Loop Input*
approx. -6dBu
Effect Loop Output Impedance
Nominal Effect Loop Output*
approx. -20dBu
Nominal XLR Output*
approx. -20dBu
Maximum Power Consumption
AC Input Power (Factory Set)
110V, 117V, 230V, 240V
SpeakerCelestionĀ® Model #CT2112-8 12″, 100W, 8 Ohms ea.
Cabinet Dimensions
26″l x 11″w x 19h
*Measured using a -10dB 400Hz test signal with all amp controls flat, no Reverb or Boost.
Actual levels will vary with your settings.


Three independent character-switchable preamps.

Stereo power amp.

Top-of-the-line, full-length AccutronicsĀ® 6-spring reverb.

Boost function, for solos, increases the volume level up to 9dB without altering your tone.

Footswitchable Effect Loop with mono out/stereo in.

Stereo headphone output, which doubles as a 1/4ā€ direct out.

Pre-drilled socket holes to facilitate caster installation.

Multi-function footswitch (included) selects channels, activates the Reverb and Boost functions, and engages the Effect Loop.

Utilizes any standard 1/4ā€ instrument or speaker cable.

ARMD MIDI Converter to control the footswitch functions with any MIDI controller.
Available HERE.