Tech 21 Trademark 30LE
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Single channel, 1×10, 30 watts.
These handsome limited edition combos feature the effective simplicity of the Trademark 10 with a beefy 30-watt output and a custom 10” Weber alnico speaker. The crowning glory of this collectable model is the solid oak cabinet finished in a deep satin, mahogany red finish. A complex tonal character with a simple layout, the Trademark 30 brings a touch of class to the stage, the studio, or your living room with red carpet grade swank.


Character section to mix and match individual amplifier components and “architecturally” create a rig in seconds.

Solid oak cabinet in satin red mahogany finish.

Custom 10” Weber alnico speaker.

Rich, full sounding Accutronics® 3-spring reverb.

3-band, active tone controls, boost or cut 12dB.

Effect Loop.

Headphone output, which doubles as a 1/4” direct out.

3 preset speaker styles you can choose with the flick of a switch.

XLR Direct Output.