Tech 21 XXL Bass
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Obese, megalithic, dynamic distortion is what it’s all about. The XXL’s Warp™ control manipulates the structure and balance of odd and even harmonics and influences their relativity to the dynamics of your instrument and your playing style. Translation: you can achieve a variety of results, even within the same setting, depending on the manner and force of your pick attack. Originally in production from 1995-2000, some guitar players considered the XXL a little too over-the-top(!). Oddly enough, certain bass players seemed to like it just fine. So we decided to split the atom and try to make both camps happy.

The Bass Edition features a level-compensated Tone control. At maximum it’s flat. As you go towards the mid point, it boosts the low end, compensating for the drop-out typically associated with effects not specifically voiced for bass. Decreasing from the mid point cuts highs, without changing the output level. The Bass Edition is an excellent companion to the SansAmp Bass Driver DI, especially for those times when considerably more distortion is desired.