Tech 21 product image of the Geddy Lee YYZ Shape-shifter Signature SansAmp pedal



The Geddy Lee MP40 Limited Edition Signature SansAmp sold out so fast, it made our heads spin. Out of respect for the limited number of MP40s featuring custom “Moving Pictures” inspired artwork, we are offering the Geddy Lee YYZ Shape-shifter Signature SansAmp. It has the same color scheme and graphics as Geddy’s other Signature SansAmps (GED-2112 rackmount, DI-2112 desk-top, and YYZ single footswitch pedal), with the same features and functionality of the MP40.
The YYZ Shape-shifter SansAmp includes the addition of a selectable Boost stomp switch, providing a 12dB presence boost for increased top-end distortion. Engaging the Shape-shifter button adds 6dB of Schmegilka on top, which, according to Geddy, “is an indefinable thing of awesomeness!”


• All analog SansAmp technology enables you to record directly and enhance previously recorded tracks. For live performances, the YYZ Shape-shifter can drive a power amp and speakers, augment your existing amplifier set-up, or run directly into the mixer of a PA system.

• Mix control to blend the ratio of high-end studio clean (Deep) and dirty bass tube amp tones (Drive).

• Tight button to add definition to your notes in cleaner settings and make distorted tones snappier.

• Boost / Shape-shifter selectable Boost function deviates from the norm. It provides a 12dB presence boost for increased top-end distortion. Kick in the Shape-shifter button, and get 6dB of Schmegilka on top, which, according to Geddy “is an indefinable thing of awesomeness!”

• Drive adjusts the overall amount of gain and overdrive, similar to when the output section of a tube amp is being pushed.

• Active 3-band EQ.

• Master volume.

BUILT-IN SPEAKER/CAB SIM: The 100% analog SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation technology encompasses the entire signal chain, from pre-amp to power amp to speaker simulation. An integral part of the circuitry, the SansAmp speaker simulation will complement any type of guitar or bass speaker cabinet system. You can also place an external IR after a SansAmp to give additional flavor if you so desire. The SansAmp speaker sim is designed and individually tailored for a smooth, even response as would be achieved by a multiply-miked cabinet –without peaks, valleys, and notches associated with single miking and many IRs.

• Measures 3.75″ x 4.75″ x 2″
• Operable with 9V alkaline battery (not included).
• Optional DC power supply is available:
Tech 21 model #DC9.
Click HERE.
(Also operable with former models #DC2 and #DC4).

Sample settings in the owner’s manual include:

• Geddy Lee’s Personal Setting
•  YYZ
•  Rickenbacker Shape-shifter
•  Camera Eye
•  Red Barchetta
•  Warm Tube/Studio
•  Bi-amped Overdrive


From a Backline of Amps, Speakers and Major Household Appliances to a Full Line of Amazing Products.


In 1996, Geddy Lee began performing without onstage amps and speakers, favoring major household appliances instead. He relied on an intricate system of off-stage gear, which included the SansAmp RBI and/or SansAmp RPM.  After the R40 tour, Geddy wanted to streamline his gear for new projects and partnered with Tech 21 to design a Signature SansAmp, the GED-2112. This challenging collaboration involved distilling a rackload of equipment into a single rackspace. According to Geddy, “The GED-2112 is really a continuation of my long-time approach to bass tone.  A ‘deep clean’ tone coupled with the ‘edgy crunch’ I get from the SansAmp RPM now all in one box.”

The GED-2112 rackmount design introduced a new framework for Parallel Pre-Amping –having two separate internal pre-amps that run in parallel. Following this concept, the compact YYZ SansAmp pedal adapted the architectural structure to simplify blending the two signal paths. Merging the design of the rackmount and the portability of the pedal, the DI-2112 SansAmp offers yet another format designed to be equally at home on a studio desktop as well as an amp top.

No matter which Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp you choose, each offers Geddy’s core sound and the versatility for many different styles.